We are a hotel of the future, built in a historic place: Hunedoara.
At Werk, we combine – in a perfect union – everything that is beautiful and stable in Hunedoara with everything that is modern and innovative in the world.
We want to delight you, to surprise you, to exceed your wildest expectations, to offer you not only excellent services, but an unforgettable experience in a place so dear to us.

We want you to tell everyone about Werk, about Hunedoara and about everything you felt with us.

The Story

During more than a century and a half, Hunedoara produced the steel with which large part of Romania’s infrastructure was built, whether we are talking about roads, bridges or buildings of all kinds. Steel industry – Hunedoara was then living its glory as a “socialist labor hero”. Nothing – except The Industry – seemed to matter for the strategists of those times. Flanked by industrial buildings, between all kinds of thistles, Corvin Castle was thrown into oblivion. No one took care of promoting Hunedoara as a tourist destination. To be fair, the pollution related to the production of 3.5 million tons of rolled products per year was a serious impediment.

Starting in 2000, the industrial area of the city was filled with ruins and the surroundings of the Castle were no exception. The rescue would come from a local investor, a family of two Hunedoara born and raised people, who embraced capitalism since the early 1990, and, starting in 2017, they began the Werk Hotel Tourist Project. It is our pleasure to invite you to visit our hotel and see for yourself what can be achieved when money is combined with a sea of courage and a mountain of soul that inspires and energizes you!

The Name​

“Werk” means factory/plant in German, the term being taken over in the local language by the people of Hunedoara from the Austrians who had built the factory. For a century and a half, the local people worked at the Werk, lived near the Werk, were proud to be Werk employees and were, then, desperate that the Werk was closing…

The symbolism of the name chosen for the hotel evokes the continuity of the local glory, even if in the steel industry, it has set. The new Werk, the hotel, recalls at every step the recent history of Hunedoara, carrying it into the future through industrial architecture, minimalist furniture, and simple, unsophisticated ornaments.

Meet Our Team

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Managing Director

Graham Griffiths

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Ishaaq El Vohra

Head Chef

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